Get Tested for Low T

You’ve probably seen the commercials and OTC products offering solutions for Low Testosterone.

Before you pull the trigger – GET TESTED.

This is obvious advice, still as many as a quarter of men receiving T therapy do it blindly—that is, they start a regimen without testing to see if they even have low levels of testosterone.

The problem – what if what’s ailing you isn’t Low Testosterone?

By self-medicating, you can cause a hormone imbalance that can lead to more trouble. If you add more testosterone artificially to your system, the pituitary recognizes there’s plenty of testosterone in the blood and it will stop producing the hormones that stimulate the testicles to make more.

> It is important to see a medical professional and get a fasting testosterone test preferably in the morning, when the hormone’s levels peak.

Jump forward – you’ve been tested and found that your testosterone levels are a little low, don’t just blame it on your age. Consult with your doctor. If age were the entire factor, every man would have Low T, but a healthy, fit 40-year-old can have testosterone levels like that of a much younger man.

Poor health is more likely to cause Low T than the other way around.

If your levels are right around 300 ng/dL, which is on the cusp of being low, a thorough exam can determine the cause. Medications like opioids lower testosterone. So does a condition called male hypogonadism, in which problems with the testicles or the pituitary gland—or both—prevent your body from producing enough T.

Far more common than either of these: extra pounds. If you’re overweight – your weight is up, your testosterone levels are down. A medical specialist can determine the care and treatment you require for your unique condition.

Give us a call if you’re exhibiting symptoms of Low T.  We can get you tested and determine the cause of your symptoms.  Perhaps the kickstart you need can be found in the gym – if not, it is important to professionally treat your Low T.