BPH & Enlarged Prostate

Enlarged Prostate Causes, Symptoms and Treaments

As men age, prostate cells multiply. These excess prostate cells create an enlargement that exerts pressure on the urethra — the tube through which urine and semen exit the body. As pressure mounts the urethra becomes more narrow, forcing the bladder to contract to push urine through the urethra.
Over time, the bladder will become thicker and overly sensitive. Resulting in your bladder contracting over small amounts of urine. This is the frequent urge to urinate. As time passes, the bladder muscle can no longer compensate for the narrowed urethra, leaving urine in a bladder that will not completely empty.
Benign enlargement of the prostate blocks the flow of urine through the urethra.  This is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or (BPH).

Symptoms of enlarged prostate can include:-A weak or slow urinary stream-A feeling of incomplete bladder emptying-Difficulty starting urination-Frequent urination-Urgency to urinate-Getting up frequently at night to urinate-A urinary stream that starts and stops-Straining to urinate-Continued dribbling of urine-Returning to urinate again minutes after finishing.

If you are suffering with incomplete voiding – your bladder doesn’t empty – you are at risk for urinary tract infections, bladder stones, blood in the urine, incontinence, and an inability to urinate. Although rare, bladder and kidney damage can develop.

Watchful Waiting

You should have regular checkups. This allows us to monitor if your condition poses a serious health risk or a major inconvenience.  For example, if your symptoms are mild, with low scores on the BPH Impact Index (less than 8), we may wait before starting any treatment. This is called  “watchful waiting.”
Together, we will consider how your symptoms are impacting your life. Is your quality of life affected? Are you kept from doing things you enjoy? Are your symptoms worsening?

Treatment for BPH

You have choices. A wide range of treatments are available. Each treatment plan can relieve prostate symptoms; medications, minimally-invasive office procedures, and surgery. Together, we will tailor your treatment plan by the severity of your symptoms and your overall health. For example, if symptoms interfere with your quality of life or if you have complications like urine retention, a minimally invasive treatment may be a good solution for you. With a quick recovery time, and fewer than those associated with surgery the following procedures are great choices to relieve your symptoms.


The iTind procedure reshapes the anatomy of the prostatic urethra, gently creating a wider opening for urine to flow freely, without burning or cutting out tissue, and without leaving behind a permanent implant. The treatment is straightforward, does not require overnight hospitalization, and has none of the side effects associated with prescription medication.

The iTind treatment is a simple procedure performed by a urologist either in the hospital or a clinic and the patient is sent home the same day. The device is placed in the prostatic urethra in a folded configuration and the patient is sent home. During the 5 to 7-day treatment, the iTind slowly expands and exerts gentle pressure at three precise points to widen the prostatic urethra opening through which urine can now flow. After 5 to 7 days, the device is completely removed in an office or clinic. Clinical trials demonstrate that the newly reshaped prostate will continue to provide long-lasting relief of BPH symptoms.


You may have been prescribed medications, oral medications like Flomax, Proscar or Avodart. You may not be experiencing the results you desire. And, you may be experiencing some frustrating side effects. You have options. Rezum Water Vapor Therapy is a safe and effective one-time treatment, that is an excellent alternative to surgery. This procedure does not require a general anesthesia. After, you can return to normal activities with in a few days.  You can expect symptom relief within two weeks.

By using the stored thermal energy in water vapor, we treat the extra prostate tissue causing your symptoms. After treatment, patients have reported significant improvement in symptoms and uroflow. Also, sexual function is preserved.

Rezūm provides the following benefits:-Potential alternative to BPH medications-Relieves symptoms safely and effectively-Provides noticeable symptom improvement within two weeks-Simple in-office/out-patient therapy-Does not require general anesthesia-Preserves sexual and urinary functions-Allows patients to return to regular activities within a few days.


Also available, the UroLift System. This treatment is a straightforward procedure performed right in our office. Urolift System uses tiny implants to hold the prostate lobes apart. Compression on the urethra is relieved. As a result, normal urine flow is restored. These implants support the prostate lobes, much like open curtains on a window. And, like Rezum, UroLift is a safe and effective, in office, one-time treatment that is an alternative to surgery and medications. The procedure does not require a general anesthesia. You can return to normal activities with in a few days. Symptom relief is experienced within two weeks. Benefits of UroLift include:-Straightforward procedure-Minimally invasive-Minimal downtime-Typically no catheter or overnight stay required after treatment-Preservation of sexual function-Rapid symptom relief, as early as 2 weeks post procedure

New Technology through Clinical Trial

Historically, the technology behind treatments like Rezum and UroLift were only available through clinical trial. Currently, we are seeking volunteers to participate in a research study for treatment of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia. If you qualify, study participants will receive all study-related medical care and study medication at no cost. In addition, compensation for time and travel may be available to you. Health insurance is not required. Participating in a clinical trial can provide you with first access to the newest drugs, treatments or disease intervention. Your health and safety is our topmost concern. First and foremost, we closely monitor our volunteers during the study. And finally, we keep in touch after the study.

Take Control of Your Enlarged Prostate Symptoms

Perhaps, now is the time to speak to a specialist? Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) cannot be cured. Treatment is based on the severity of your symptoms. Maybe your lifestyle is dramatically affected. Maybe you suffer from complications like recurring UTIs. Give us a call to arrange a discreet consultation. Together we can work out the best treatment plan for your condition.

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Dr. Jed Kaminetsky, M.D. is a Clinical Assistant Professor at NYU Medical Center and a Board Certified Urologist. His work has been published in many medical journals which led to a nationwide recognition and development of various treatment schemes for patients with sexual and erectile dysfunction.

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