REZUM Alternative BPH Treatment

If you have an enlarged prostate, also known as BPH, you might have been prescribed medications such as Flomax, Proscar or Avodart. If you’re like many men, you might have found that they don’t always work, and may have frustrating side effects. You may have another option, REZUM.

Dr. Jed Kaminetsky of University Urology is the first physician in the Northeast that offered tRezum Water Vapor Therapy, a revolutionary treatment for BPH.

Rezum Water Vapor Therapy is a safe and effective, in office, one-time treatment that is an alternative to surgery and BPH medications. The procedure does not require a general anesthesia and you can return to normal activities with in a few days. It provides symptom relief within two weeks, is FDA approved and is covered by most private insurance and Medicare.

Using the stored thermal energy in water vapor, we will treat the extra prostate tissue that is causing your symptoms. Rezum can relieve that frequent, urgent, irregular, weak stream; along with the straining and getting up at night to urinate.

After treatment, patients have reported significant improvement in symptoms and uroflow. Sexual function was also preserved.

Rezūm provides the following benefits:

  • Potential alternative to BPH medications
  • Relieves symptoms safely and effectively1
  • Provides noticeable symptom improvement within two weeks
  • Simple in-office/out-patient therapy
  • Does not require general anesthesia
  • Preserves sexual and urinary functions
  • Allows patients to return to regular activities within a few days

Although the reports regarding Rezūm are promising, your results may vary. Rezūm is not for everyone. Please give us a call to see if Rezum Water Vapor Therapy is right for you. We will discuss how Rezum is expected to treat your condition, weighing the benefits and risks with you.